There  is an array of lavish 2 and 3 BHK apartments, magnificent villas, and affordable luxury houses for sale available these days. And people find themselves spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting one for them. It’s an especially wonderful thing, therefore, to have bought your very own residential property!

Congratulations are in order, we suppose!

But now that the excitement of the new property washes over, along with the buying of new furniture, home decor, and what not to create just the right ambiance, what comes next? After you’ve made your newly bought house into a beautiful and cozy home, we would like you to give a little thought to the boring-sounding and yet an extremely important set of things.

We here present you with a checklist which you should check off as soon as you find and buy your new property – one that we presume is your dream home.

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Let’s take a look:

All documents should be scanned and have photocopies

Scan every document that is in any way related to the house you just purchased. This is the easiest way to have a proof, in case you ever lose any of the original copies.

But apart from this, you would also need to necessarily make at least 3 photocopies of all documents. Keeping the originals somewhere safe, keep one copy easily accessible at home or your office, and the third copy for insurance purposes.

Make sure that every utility document bears your name

It’s not enough to just have bought a residential property; you will have to check whether the builder has transferred all the utilities like electricity, water, etc. in your name or not.

Being the new owner of this house, you will have to make sure that a transparent, complete, as well as the legitimate transfer, takes place. And it will have to be just after you acquire possession of the house.

The more you wait, the more difficult it will be to even trace the transferor. So, as soon as you’re done with the purchase, make this your very next step.

Check everything electrical in the house

You should also not ignore the electrical fittings all across your new home. Every electrical equipment – AC, fan, lights, etc.

They should all be checked for whether they’re in a perfect working condition or not, and what is the guarantee and warranty on them. You might also need to change the electrical cables; so, check for them too.

Update the new address on all your documents

After you’ve transferred all the utilities in your name, move forward to updating your own address on all your IDs and every other necessary document.

You might have to run from one office to another, and it may get a bit too hectic – but do not leave it for later on. Finish it as soon as possible after making your purchase.

Know the community around your new home

Last but certainly not the least, have a good look at the society that your house is going to be a part of. The location in itself matters a lot.

For example, if you choose for yourself, a residential property for sale in Ahmedabad, you are more likely than not, going to end up in a great colony surrounded by amicable and helpful people around you.

Not just that, but knowing the general rules and regulations followed by the society is also important. Especially, if you’re going to be living with your family, you would want to consider the community around your new home as well as you can.

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There are so many luxurious villas, 2 and 3 BHK apartments, and such around us that exude extravagance, as well as usually fit into the budget. We hope you found the right one amongst them all, and to make your settling-in a little bit better, check off the items on the checklist we just gave you, as soon as you can!