Are you planning to buy a modern custom home? There are many fascinating trends in real estate that you can plan for your little paradise. These amenities are not only luxurious but enhance your day to day living and make your homes more comfortable, fun, and entertaining for your kids as well as for guests.

The real estate market has seen a rise in luxury home buyers who are looking for modern amenities that will add value to their lives. Amenities no doubt play a very important role in offering quality living. Features such as location, outlook, or access to a park, lake, highway, view enhance the desirability of a real-estate space, thus contributing to the pleasure and enjoyment of the occupants.

Increasing stress levels at the workplace, along with the inconvenience of traveling has lead to an increase in the need for amenities in residential projects. Home should be more than a place to arrive after a hard day at work, a personal haven where you can do what you want and enjoy it in the best possible way.

A sense of community identity, belongingness in society, and engaging families – that’s where amenities play an important role. Here are a few modern amenities that are sure to make your life a luxurious space in real estate space.

Open floor plans

Surprisingly, open floor plans are one of the top features homebuyers look for when they start their house-hunting process. Modern homes these days have airy, open homes, and use as few walls as possible. Houses these days are incorporated with screens, partitions, and glass for an open layout that lets light through. This gorgeous setting not only creates a sense of continuity and harmony but comes with other advantages that make homebuyers woo their minds.

  • More Social Time – The person cooking in the kitchen can converse with people in other rooms.
  • Keep an eye on kids – Great rooms allow parents to cook and do other household duties while their kids play in the same room.
  • Increase view and light – The removal of interior walls allows sunlight from windows in the exterior walls to permeate throughout the house.
  • Better for entertaining – When guests are over you can be a part of their conversations while you cook and serve food at the same time.
Commercial grade – modular kitchen

Modular kitchen is luxurious, high-quality amenities that are quite efficient and a key for those who look to relax and entertain in their cooking space. The modular kitchen gives a contemporary look and presents a smarter and more modern choice compared to carpenter-built kitchens. The modular kitchen is equipped with features that make the kitchen an entertaining space for everyone!

  • The combination of tall units, wall storage, cabinets, drawers, and floor-standing cabinets give a dedicated space for all your kitchen appliances.
  • A modular kitchen gives you a well-organized cooking space.
  • Kitchen lighting offers adequate brightness and warmth in the kitchen. The countertop lighting helps you carrying out cooking and meal preparation safely and with comfort.
Security Technology

Voice control, automation, and technology are some of the most important amenities for the residents. A security cabin and indoor cameras installed at every nook-and-corner of the building will keep residents in safe hands. Various applications can help you control various interconnected devices, and allow residents to coordinate errands and organize special occasions.

Natural Surrounding with living and workspaces

An eco-friendly environment gives a living strength and had emerged as a design trend.  Homebuyers these days are very particular about their rooms being well connected with natural surroundings and open landscapes. Light colors, natural stores, and indoor plants are natural functions in any home’s layout. The bigger window allows a lot of daylight and reduces the amount of power used in lighting systems. Gated communities also offer lounges for meetings and leisure activities such as a swimming pool and a garden for old people to meditate and kids to play. They altogether paint a picture of residential and environmental harmony.

  • Great natural surroundings will protect the health of the building’s occupants, reduces stress, and improves overall life quality.
  • An eco-friendly environment comes with multiple health benefits as the residents get fresh quality air and your kids get a space to play with their friends.

At Rashmi Engicon, we have made sure every apartment gets proper ventilation. Thus, each residential property is surrounded by lush green trees, a garden, open areas. The open and spacious design leaves enough room for recreation, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Fitness Centers

Parks, gardens, and jogging tracks are one the major amenity that HOMEBUYERS get attracted to. A well-equipped children’s play area with swings can help your kids to develop social skills and improve their physical and mental strength. 

For fitness freak residents yoga centers and a jogging track will be a motivator.  People of all ages head to their fitness & yoga centers, first thing in the morning. Residential buildings with fitness centers, including gyms and yoga facilities, add a greater property value. 

We at Rashmi Engicon are the most health-conscious builders, we have made sure each of our residential property such as Rashmi Vihar, Rashmi Pearl 1&2 have a Children’s Play Area, Jogging Track, and Landscape Garden. These estate segments are intelligently crafted residential spaces that are surprisingly affordable & elegantly designed.

Before buying a space for your family it is very important to carefully decide on amenities to get the luxury you love. Modern living combines flair and simplicity and by incorporating these design trends, you can easily improve your property’s value, welcome your guests in style, and enjoy the fullest.

At Rashmi Engicon we have seen many aspects of modern customizing decisions go amiss. Thus, each project of ours is loaded with amenities, such that the HOMEBUYERS get pampered with moments of indulgence. 

We have gardens, parks, play areas, swings, indoor gaming zones, a clubhouse, and a swimming pool for your children. The Senior Citizen Site out will give your old parents a place to get social and enjoy modern city life. 

Other amenities such as private parking, CCTV, Security cameras, pickup zone, lift, security cabin, Wi-Fi zones, Banquet Hall, Intercom Connection will make a place worth spending your life.


Visit Rashmi Pearl 1 & 2, Rashmi Anagan, Rashmi Antelia, with all ultra-modern facilities from outside and also from inside the best place to buy your dream house. Come and visit us your dream house is waiting for you. Visit our site office today!