A perfect house is a paradise-like feeling and a home buying decision is a decision of life. It is like a milestone achievement, you’ll be investing your hard-earned money in something crucial. If you are starting a family, then possibly you are looking for a place where your children can grow, a neighborhood where your parents can grow old, and altogether you want a place to spend quality time with your family.   

Having sold more than ____ homes, we at Rashmi Engicon have seen many aspects of home-buying decisions go amiss. Henceforth to benefit the home buyers we have compiles a list of factors that ‘YOU – THE HOMEBUYER’ should consider before making a decision –


Most of the home buyers look for a smaller place at first and think you can anytime switch to a bigger place. Never let such thoughts cross your mind. Property rates are doubling every year and once you get settled at one place it gets very much difficult to shift again and start afresh. 

Always look into the future, you would have kids, they will need a room of their own. Your parents will visit you and stay with you sometime, there will be guests at your home. With time passing by your house might acquire tons of household appliances and other stuff. Thus, buying a bigger house will always yield profits. Look for at least 3 bedrooms with a total area of 1400 sqft. to 2000 sqft. A few extra lacs will pinch your pocket but be practical, this will surely come in handy later. 


Location plays a very important role when you are planning to buy a place. Whether you plan to live in a suburb or the hustle of the city area, deciding upon the location is key. An A-grade locality with good measures of growth will give you higher returns in the future. 

A good locality is judged by its growth receptors. Availability of social and lifestyle resources, with the market, malls hospitals, entertainment, police station, increase the home base values. If you have kids then put more emphasis on the quality of schools near your apartment, if your parents live with you then look for a friendly neighborhood with parks and gardens where they can meditate, jog and mingle up with other senior citizens. Lastly, you also need to check how is the connectivity to your workplace and most importantly if it fits your standard of living. 


Before moving down to start the paperwork of your purchase, there is no harm in doing your homework. It is always better to know your builder’s reputation, this will help you avoid any risks to your investment. We would recommend you to check out the project’s location, check the sample house, and get customer reviews before actually stepping in to make a decision. 

Evaluate the company’s credentials, financial strength, construction quality, and faithfulness to the timeline. If you are looking to buy an apartment that is under construction, then be sure the developers provide you a possession date and you get to see a sample house. 

India has a fair share of excellent developers and Rashmi Engicon is one of them. We have been in the business for over ___ years. Started in 1992 we have created residential, commercial, and industrial spaces that exceeded consumer expectations. 


Your home is a safe shelter, not only for you but for your children and your parents. Once you have checked your locality, checked with the neighborhood you will want to do is take your security one step further. This can be achieved by fixing monitored security cameras outside your new homes.

Many projects have these pre-installed security cameras connected to a monitor inside the house. The camera captures real-time views of your door and the monitor displays the same. This will not only help you protect your new investment but provide peace of mind. Your home is a haven, and just like your standard of living the security system should match your needs.

Real estate in India is plunging, if you have enough credit score then today is the best time to buy your dream house. At Rashmi Engicon, we have a wide range of luxury houses that you can buy from. We have 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK apartments with spacious and well-ventilated designs that will help you recreate, relax, and rejuvenate. 

Check out our properties like Rashmi Anagan, Rashmi Antelia, Rashmi Pearl 1 & 2. All the properties have world-class amenities, an open setting, an inviting landscape, and aesthetically designed architecture that all together creates a place worth spending your life. 

Rashmi Engicon properties are located in posh areas of Ahmedabad. All the projects are well connected with multi-specialty hospitals, schools, the GIDC area, and the Ahmedabad airport. You will not have to travel a distance to look for schools or hospitals. At RASHMI ENGICON, we not only excel at building exceptional residential spaces but also successful commercial spaces, which are budget-friendly & well placed in terms of location, amenities, and footfalls.

Not only apartments we have several independent houses, luxury villas, and what not for you to choose from. For us luxury doesn’t mean anything costly, it is the elegance and beauty of the place and other factors like location, perfect design, and ultra-modern facilities. When it comes to price all the Rashmi Engicon projects are affordable, so you can find an assortment of luxury houses.