Whether you are an entrepreneur looking at commercial property for sale in Ahmedabad, or just looking for a good investment – whichever city you belong to – the fact remains, you’re on the right path! Though one might argue that even residential properties could be a good investment; and to that, we won’t really say no. But, if you say they’re better than their commercial counterparts, we could give you at least 3 strong reasons to help change your mind.

So, here the reasons that we believe prove why commercial real estate is a better investment, any time of the day, any day:

A Higher Return on Investment

If you have to choose between a residential property and a commercial property, to invest your money on – we’d always recommend you to take a bet on the latter. The reason is simple – you have better chances of winning the bet this way.

While the reselling of a residential property will give you some return, but the in-all percentage of returns in this case will always be comparatively lower than the one on commercial real estate. This is also proven by the fact that how businesses in general are being given a push to boom in their own ways.

Where investing on a commercial hub would easily give you a return of about 12 to 15%, a residential property, even after as much renovating as you would, would ever return.

Start-ups Popping Up Everywhere

There are startups popping up like nothing else, everywhere today. Everyone has an idea, everyone wants to work for themselves; everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. And where do the budding entrepreneurs of our nation get their work done from? It’s these affordable commercial spaces & shops for sale, that are not too large or too small, that are in fact gaining popularity, therefore.

Talking of entrepreneurs, the government of the nation has been playing an extremely important role in boosting with both confidence and money. The global investors are being given a push to see the bright future that we are on a path towards. The favorable changes in the FDI norms as well as campaigns such as “Make in India” have further helped pave the way for demand of commercial real estate going on increasing in the country.

You can easily see the rising demand for commercial properties over residential properties give rise to the most basic economic principle – more demand creates more money!

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Higher Return, Lesser Risk

A residential property also entails bigger investment risks. Say, the environment is far too polluted for a family to live there, the prices would automatically drop. A commercial property, along with providing higher return on your investment, would also prove to be far lesser risky. The otherwise external factors which have a lot of bearing on the prices of residential real estate, seldom ever affect the commercial ones.

We hope we were able to clear up any doubt you might have, while choosing to invest in either a residential property or a commercial one!